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  Scene: After Mrs.Chen signed the inspection record, James Wilson shows Mrs.Chen to Mr.Johnson's house. Bell rings.
  场景: 陈太太签署看楼纪录书后,詹姆士•威尔逊带陈太太到约翰逊先生的房子实地视察。门铃响了。

A: Agent- James Wilson

B: Buyer- Mrs.Chen

S: Seller- Mr. Johnson

A: Hello, Mr.Johnson. I have Mrs.Chen to check out the house.
  您好,约翰逊先生。 这是陈太太,她来看你的房子。

S: Please come in and feel free to take a look around the house.

  A: Mrs.Chen, as you can see, the decoration is in perfect condition. The kitchen is on your left. Look! It is so big that you can fit five people inside. (They walk to the living room). The layout of the flat is one dining room, and living room, one master bedroom and two bedrooms. The gross area of this unit is nine hundred and thirteen square feet.

B: Does this apartment face south?

A: The living room faces south and the bedrooms face north. Mrs.Chen, what do you think of this unit? It has a beautiful hill view and quiet environment. Also, Tai Koo Shing has many amenities such as a grand shopping mall, wonderful playground, residents club, four standard tennis courts and few supermarkets. Also, it is conveniently located for public transportation like the MTR and buses.

B: Great!

A: May I ask if your interest in the unit is for investment or self-use.

B: The purpose is for investment because I hear from my friend that the rental return for Tai Koo Shing is not bad.

A: Sure. Mrs.Chen, the rent for this unit is around thirty-five thousand Hong Kong dollars. The yield is almost ten percent. There are many Japanese and Westerners love to live here. It's only because Mr.Johnson must go back to England that he has to sell this unit.

B: I understand. The flat is under a good condition and I don't have to redecorate it later. But, I've got to discuss it with my husband first. Mr.wilson, how about I call you to make an appointment again?

A: Sure. Mrs.Chen, anyway, I should remind you that you must be quick because I have other clients requesting to check this unit later.

B: Okay. I'll call you later.

A: Thank you, Mr Johnson. I'll call you when I get back to the office.

S: Thank you. I'll wait for your call. Bye.

A: Bye.
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